At Kamaaina Clubmakers, the importance of having a Professional Clubmaker like Mike Moynahan handling your repairs is that the entire set of clubs is taken into consideration with each repair.

Loft & Lie Adjustments (click for more information)

Custom Club Grinding (click for more information)

Swingweight Matching:

Reshafting - Reshafting of broken shafts to original set stiffness and swingweight. Kamaaina Clubmakers can assist in matching the proper shaft stiffness and swingweight to each golfer.

It is important to regrip your clubs on a periodic basis depending on the amount of play. Clubmaker can evaluate clubs and advise on need for regripping. Clubmaker ensures that swingweight and shaft characteristics of the clubs are not changed when regripping (unless those changes are desired) We will ensure that when gripping your clubs, that club characteristics remain the same.
(ex: 60 gram grip replaced by a 54 gram grip can increase the swingweight by 1.5 units. D1 to D2.5)

Length Adjustments:

Mike will ensure that characteristics of your golf clubs will meet the desired goals. ex: if you add a ½ inch to a club – you change the swingweight of that club +3 swingweights (D1 to D4)

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