The loft is the angle formed between club face and groundline. The higher the loft measurement of the club, the higher the resulting ball flight. Typically through a set
of clubs, the longer the club, the lower the loft.
Ex: #2 iron will have less loft than a #3.


The lie of a golf club is the angle formed between the centerline of the shaft and the groundline with the club
in normal playing position. A club’s lie is either considered to be standard, flat or upright.

The lie of a golf club plays a key role in shot direction, particularly related to mid & short irons.

Lie Angle Test at Impact:
We conduct this important test to measure the impact of the iron during the shot. Clubmaker then will adjust the lie to bring the impact to the center of that particular iron.

Loft Measurement:

Assuring the lofts are consistent from iron to iron in your set. Clubmaker adjusts irons to confirm a consistency between each iron.

Effects on Shot Trajectory:
The effect of shot trajectory with improper Lie angles are shown at right.

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