At Kama’aina Clubmakers, Mike Moynahan spends the time to listen to each customer, learn your goals, expectations and level of knowledge. Then, using his expertise and experience, he takes this information and makes appropriate recommendations to each individual customer. We want you to feel that you are receiving value for time and money spent.

A comprehensive Clubfitting session with Mike Moynahan
consists of the following:

1. Interview and Present Club Evaluation
I have the customer complete a Fitting Worksheet (presently I use a combo of Malty's and Wishon's while I finish my own) and I do a present club evaluation. Then we review the worksheet and the club evaluation. At this point I like to give the customer some time to get their thoughts in order prior to setting a course of action and we set up another meeting to set goals and hit balls.

2. Setting Goals
The goals set here are a combination of the goals from the worksheet, the findings of present clubs, and items that the customer has developed from the first meeting. Here I try to set the configuration of the new set. The combination of irons, woods, wedges, putter, and utility clubs. This step is to insure that we are on the same page and have a plan of action.

3. Hitting Analysis
I conduct the majority of the hitting analysis in a hitting cage utilizing the Achiever II, Achiever CAM, Tempo Trainer, Swing Speed Radar, Lie Board, and an assortment of clubs. From the results of this analysis shaft profile, club length and club lie are specified.

4. Recommendation/Selection Process
From the goals and the hitting analysis a clubhead, grip and shaft recommendation is presented to the customer. In most cases a sample club is made up to aid the customer in their decision. Once final approval is given components are placed on order and production phase is begun.

5. Post Delivery Adjustments
After the clubs are delivered and the customer has had a chance to use them, I check the Lie of each iron and adjust as necessary. The follow up will reveal if additional adjustments are needed. Follow Up After quality of product this is probably the most important step. A happy customer that is kept in contact with is the best advertising any one can have. I set two weeks as the first follow up date and then monthly for three months. The referrals are great!

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